Irish Dancing

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Australian Irish Dance Association

Irish dancing has become a popular pastime amongst Australian children and adults due in some way to the phenomenal success of such stage shows as "Riverdance" and "Lord of the Dance".

The Irish dance scene in Canberra has recently enjoyed a huge upsurge in popularity and now supports eight Irish dance schools. These schools are well represented at national competition level.

If you would like to know more about Irish dance lessons please contact any of the teachers listed below.


*Lynn Crafter T.C.R.G. (02)6296-3040
*Ann-Marie Dimmock T.C.R.G. (02)6293-2755
*Monica Simpson T.C.R.G. (02)6292-3188
*Leanne McGrath T.C.R.G. 0435 402 490


*Elizabeth Gregory A.D.C.R.G (02)6251-6612
*Suzie Huckstepp T.C.R.G. (02)6254-9929
*Kathryn Trenholme T.C.R.G. (02)6254-8440