COVID-19 - Message to Members

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3 April 2020 
Dear Members, a Chairde (friends)

I hope that you are all staying healthy and coping with these extraordinary times with a positive and compassionate frame of mind. 

I thought that you might like an update on what has been done since the Club was directed to close down on 23 March. This is just a short summary to let you know what has been done to help our staff and to look after the Club, so that it will be ready for us to start up again once the all clear is given. 

Paul Lander, the General Manager, has worked very hard to ensure the welfare of the staff and to clean and make safe the Club premises, with the willing assistance of Club staff.   

Staffing Situation 

Paul has maintained regular contact with staff through a Staff Newsletter, and we have been working to keep up with the changing Government initiatives to ensure staff can access the appropriate financial assistance. 
All staff were originally placed in "stand down" status. This means they are all considered employees of the club and will be ready to work once clearance is given to return to work. This was done so that they could apply for financial assistance from Centrelink.  
None of the staff, including Paul, are currently taking a wage from the club, but all full time staff have indicated a willingness to use their time over the coming months to work on administrative tasks, and provide assistance as necessary. 
Following the Prime Minister's announcement of the $1,500 per fortnight Jobkeeper allowance Paul quickly sent an email to all staff acknowledging the announcement and advising that the club would action this when the appropriate detail was provided. 
A further email was then sent to all employees to confirm those employees eligible for this payment through the Club, and we are working to get the payments flowing.  
Paul will keep the staff informed as things develop. 

Things are naturally a bit tight, with no revenue flowing, but with some measures we had
already put in place, and with the assistance packages announced by the Government for
which we are eligible, we are hopeful that we will be able to maintain a position which will
allow us to bounce back when a return to business is allowed.

The Club premises

Staff were very busy for several days making the club premises super clean and safe, and
preparing inventories of all goods.

The Club premises are secured and all outdoor furniture was moved inside.

The Board

We have been in virtual contact and naturally Paul has kept us up to date with all that he
and other staff have done for the Club. We will continue to monitor events and keep you
updated as things develop.

Stay safe, stay home, and we will see you all again at the end of this.

Ar scáth a chéile a mhaireann na daoine, Beir bua agus beannacht
Under the shelter of each other, people survive. Bring victory and blessings

Mary Collier