Manus McGuire & Ben Stephenson Concert

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Manus McGuire & Ben Stephenson
In Concert 

7.30pm Friday 13th December 2019 

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ManusMcGuire is an acclaimed Irish fiddle player whose exceptional musical gift became widely recognised in 1970 when he won the prestigious Fiddler of Dooney, an Irish national fiddle competition at age 14.

He has performed with ButtonsandBows, MovingCloud, BrockMcGuireBand, and with his brother SeamusMcGuire

Manuscontinues to perform and teach fiddle music at the highest level, primarily in the United States and this year alone, he has taught fiddle at Swannanoa NC and at the Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA in addition to performing a series of spring concerts for the Irish American Cultural Institute. He continues to support the links between Irish Music and its historical journey into the United States.

Manus will be accompanied by Ben Stephenson , a multi-instrumentalist who has risen to become one of Australia's most sought-after Irish musicians.

Ben is an extraordinarily versatile musician, he gained a fierce reputation for his driving and subtle DADGAD guitar work. His powerful flute playing and crisp whistle sound.

Ben has performed and toured with some of the cream of Irish traditional music including the legendary piper Paddy Keenan, flute maestro Alan Doherty and fiddler Louise Phelan.  An accomplished Irish flute and bodhran player, Ben is also a member of the acclaimed Australian Irish Trad Band "Trouble In The Kitchen