Sunday Summer Sessions

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Summer Sunday Sessions 

It's all about chilling out and listening to the great sounds generated by
local talented musicians.

4pm every Sunday 
December 2019 through March 2020


Sunday 26th 
Australia Day

Lying, Cheating Bastards
The Lying Cheating Bastards play an eclectic and exciting mix of rock and roll and rhythm and blues with a touch of country.
John Van Buren plays bass in the Bastards.  He has been playing to Canberra audiences
 for longer than he can remember and loves doing it. 
JVB refers to himself as a long and wiggly Daschund.
Jon Jones completes the rhythm section. 
Well know with punters at the Irish Club for hid silly antics with Cassidy's Ceili. 
He has performed, recorded and toured with many artists in the folk world including Eric Bogle. 
Jon Jones refers to himself as a Labrador who endears himself to his audience. 
Damian Spencer sings and plays guitar and completes the trinity - The Lying Cheating Bastards. 
Well known for his love or county and blues guitar playing in a variety of bands in Canberra.  
Damian refers to himself as an Afghan with lots of licks.


Sunday 2nd  - Guitar Cases

Outlaw country blues from Canberra's hardest working original band. 
Their latest CD, Corrugated Blues, features great original songs delivered 
with powerful vocals and a range of instruments including resonator, 
electric, cigar box and acoustic guitars, harmonica, 
bass, pennywhistle and Woodskin cajone. 
Andy Daniels (vocals, resonator guitar, and Woodskin cajone) 
sings an intimate country folk ballad one minute and powerful blues the next.
Andrew Tatnell (guitar, cigar box guitar, and pennywhistle) 
complements Daniels' percussive style on resonator guitar with 
sweet melodies on his Fender and slide on his self-made cigar box guitar.
Ang Perusco (harmonica, acoustic guitar, and lead vocals) 
adds bristling rhythms, melodies and vocal harmonies.
Lawrence Dowsett (bass) creates foot-tapping grooves.

Sunday 9th  - Kath & Ross

"Kath and Ross play a great selection of classic pop/rock tunes that you can happily sit back and enjoy a beer to or get up and strut your stuff if the mood takes you! With Kath's powerful yet sweet vocals, she will take you to another place while Ross's powerhouse rythyms will bring you straight back down to earth!They have been entertaining crowds all over Canberra for many years with an infectious passion and enthusiasm for what they do! Come enjoy what this duo has to offer!"

Sunday 16th  - Loose Connections

Sunday 23rd  - Spice

Stay tuned!
More will be released soon...