Karaoke Etiquette

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Welcome to Karaoke at the Irish Club

There is an Etiquette to Karaoke to make your karaoke experience more enjoyable for everybody involved. You don't need to be best singer - You just need to have the BEST time when you are here for the night! Our Host will use rotations that are fair and ensure the smooth running and enjoyment of the night.

Song Requests and Pecking order

  • Maximum of 2 request slips at a time. You may submit further slips when you have been called for your second song

  • Please use Song Books provided to find your song. The Host will assist you if you are having difficulty but this impacts on the Hosts attention to the current performer

  • Please complete the song slip provided. Singers who turn in requests under different names in attempt to defeat the rules of rotation, will not be called to sing for the remainder of the evening

  • The host will ensure a fair song rotation.

  • Duets count as one turn for each singer

  • New Singers will be filtered into current rotation.

  • The KJ may run back to back requests at their discretion in the interest of good momentum