Karaoke Rules

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Singing on Stage

  • No drinks on stage or Dance Floor . Our equipment is expensive and easily damaged by drink spillage. You may be asked to leave by security

  • Hold mic close to your mouth. It is designed to cut out room noise and feedback

  • Your foldback sound is above your head in the ceiling. Let host know if you prefer more music or more You, or more or less volume. (Don't just yell 'turn it up') Singers have personal preferences and we are happy to accommodate - especially if you can let us know early on in the song!

  • If the song starts in a key that is difficult - ask us to raise or lower the key - but don't wait until the middle of the song to do it!

  • Do not 'POP', scream, or swing the microphones…and stay on the stage

  • Drunken or offensive behaviour on stage or in the audience will not be tolerated . You will be asked to leave the stage or even the premise immediately if your behaviour is deemed disorderly

Putting Friends Up:
If your friends don't want to sing please don't submit a slip for them. This slows down the night when the host calls them up with a song cued up - and has to change at the last second.

Your Own Music:
Sorry, the Irish Club management only allow us to play discs that have been purchased by the Irish Club. The only exception to this rule is during the Karaoke World Championships where competitors may bring their own discs. Strict guidelines apply to this and contestants must check out the complete list of rules at the KWC website.

If we don't have a song you would like to sing - please let us know - we may include it on our next CD order!

The Audience and Fellow Singers (YOU!)

  • Please APPLAUD, - This is appreciated by EVERY singer!

  • Make Newbies feel WELCOME!

  • Please show the singer respect and appreciation at all times - do not jeer, heckle, They want to have the BEST TIME up on stage!

  • Drink! SING! Dance and be Merry!