Your Karaoke Hosts

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Karaoke Hosts and their Domain

Your karaoke hosts are here to help, so please abide by these simple steps to ensure a great time is had by all.

  • Please don't hassle the Host to insert songs out of turn, or continually ask when you are going to sing.This slows down the running of the Karaoke, and affects their attention to the current performer

  • If you are going to leave the venue and you have request slips up - please say goodbye! We would like to know you have a good time and we will remove your requests from the rotation to keep the night running smoothly

  • Please do not carry loud conversations with the Host or others next to the stage. This distracts the singer and the host from the performance

  • We are friendly, social butterflies so please do say hello, but limit your time in our work area. We can't do our jobs properly if we are engaged in personal chat with others. We want to give our singers the BEST we can give them!

  • We are here for the Irish Club and strive to cater as much as possible for the patrons that come early and stay late. We work hard to ensure fair rotations that will accommodate our 'Regulars', and new singers. We also aim to please groups celebrating special occasions. Please don't feel cheated if someone has gotten up a couple of times more than another. Chances are that these singers have probably been here for a good portion of the night and come out with specific intention to patronise the club.

Unfortunately if you arrive half and hour before the club closes, chances are that you will not get chance to sing!

On Standby

The host may announce a "standby singer" to be ready. Please be ready to sing when your name is called. The Host has your song ready and you may be called up sooner if the first singer has not arrived when called, or otherwise delayed.

If the standby singer performs first - the first singer will be called once more. If you are the first singer and you have returned to the room please let the Host know you are ready to sing when called